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I have found Nicola’s prayers very powerful and potent and they work. This is due to a combination of the sheer hard work, insight and information that goes into them. I have mentally and spiritually improved measurably, along with my overall wellbeing, since doing them .(Male client in his fifties)

Nicola wrote a healing prayer to clear magic and cursing from current life. Since we did the prayer, things have been calmer at work and I’ve felt more at ease. My house feels lighter and I am getting on better with my children. Finances seem to be improving. PS I used to regularly go to psychics for readings. They would tell me what was going on but couldn’t do anything about it. Nicola’s prayers resolve the problems.(Female client in her thirties)

The prayer has ended now. I certainly do feel subtly different these last two days: a bit lighter in myself, more streamlined, calmer and more composed. And I feel like the powerful, negative self-destructive force that was inside me has not been with me today and yesterday. But the biggest difference is some kind of shift in the priority of my memories.(Female client in her forties)

Before Nicola did the prayer for me, I was finding it hard to pray, I couldn’t fast and my 18-month-old daughter was screaming every day. I had no ambition and no motivation. Now everything has changed, I do pray regularly and I fast regularly. My daughter, she is so much happier and calm, she can play by herself. She’s really lovely and sweet. I do want to have my own business, I’m definitely more ambitious and stronger than before. My view of life is much more positive. I will never thank you enough.(Male client in his twenties)

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