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“I am emailing to tell you good news.  Your treatment worked, the voices have gone away completely and I am living life schizophrenia free.  I have even quit my meds and they haven’t come back and it’s been a very long time.  This was all thanks to you and your teachings.  I can’t thank you enough.  I am very happy now, and lead a productive life, it’s a complete 180 from suffering the pain of antipsychotics every day.” (Male client in his twenties) – (note from Nicola – he chose to come off the medication with his doctor’s supervision, it was not suggested by Nicola)

“Before I came to Nicola, I had chronic sleeping problems, headache and dizziness from fatigue and inability to concentrate.  Now, I’m starting to sleep regularly, am feeling better and can get on with work.”  (Female client in her thirties)

“Nicola and Leon certainly did make a difference.  I think there has been a massive improvement in my mental health and I have been able to separate fantasy from reality.”  (Male client in his forties)

“I think the house feels “emptier” since you did the clearing for us.  We seriously cannot thank you enough.  Yours and your colleague Leon’s abilities to even understand and deal with all this is absolutely amazing.  We have never really believed in the spirit world – but I can feel a complete shift in my thinking about all these things after the past fortnight.”  (Female client in her forties)

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