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Generally speaking, attachment of spirits indicates that the spirits are residing outside of the physical body and possessing indicates that the spirits are sharing the space inside the physical body.  So attachment would be linked with the outer etheric body of the person and possession, the inner etheric.  However, in the spiritual realm, there are not the same boundaries and spirits can come and go, be attached, then possess, then move further out and just be attached.  And some can go between people – hanging around one person, then another.

There are many different kind of issues regarding the removal of ghosts that all need to be taken care of: –

Again, there are several aspects to take into account when removing malevolent spirits: –

Nicola has been clearing spirits since 1995 and working in conjunction with Leon to clear spirits since 2015.  Leon trained as a medium a long, long time ago but they bring their combined skills to remove all kinds of spirits very effectively.  Whether the spirits originally attached in current life, in previous lives or to an ancestor, they can be removed permanently.  Although it is a learning experience and regular protection is needed so that future new problems of attachment do not occur.

“Dear Nicola, I am emailing you to tell you good news.  The sessions you and Leon did worked, the voices have gone away completely and I am living life schizophrenia free.  I have even quite my meds and they haven’t come back and its been a very long time.  Finding your listing was a miracle and I knew the moment I saw them, no one understands these problems are more than physical, but spiritual” (male client in his twenties)

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