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People can have spirits attached on the outside, possessing them on the inside or sometimes spirits come and go.  However, given that this is within the energy realm, things are not as clear cut as the physical realm.  So what is more important is to identify what type of spirits are interfering and deal with them appropriately.

Spirit releasement means removing the spirit from the person permanently as well as removing any connected spirits so the whole community are dealt with.

Soul rescue is only to do with ghosts –i.e. the souls of people or animals that have died and their souls are stuck – also called earthbound spirits.  Humans can perform soul rescuing, but there are also spirits on the other side who do the same and for some strange reason, those type of spirits are called psychopomps.

Nicola has been doing both since 1995 and has been working with Leon since 2015.  Leon is clairvoyant and clairaudient, so he can see ghosts and spirits and hear them.  Nicola is claircognizant and clairsentient, so she can sense spirits and then intuitively knows how to deal with them.  Together they have developed some very quick and effective ways of clearing spirits remotely and are called upon to do so by clients around the world every week.

Nicola is one of very few people around the world who are authorized to remove spirits – including demons.

One of the most important aspects of spirit release is that of finding out how the spirits got in or attached and healing that vulnerability.  Plus, it is also important to learn more about how the whole spiritual realm works, especially cleansing, grounding and protection techniques.  Another important aspect though is to let go of the fear of spirits, no spirit is more powerful than God and there are always spirits of Light that are around and want to support the clearance of unwanted spirits.

The types of spirits Nicola and Leon have identified and either cleared or communicated with are the following:-

The reason it is stated that some spirits are dealt with appropriately is that are a variety of options as to how to deal with them.

Also, clearing certain spirits is more challenging than others – some spirits are possessed by other spirits, some have been sent using magic and some cannot be cleared by anyone other than an authorised person and the spirits know who is capable of clearing them and who is not.

However, if you ever need assistance authentically say “Please God help me” and you will get assistance.  Then ask “Do I need outside assistance to permanently resolve what is going on?”.  If you get a yes answer then please get in touch

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