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Nicola was first trained in soul retrieval with Dr. Keith Hearne in 1995.  The concept is that if we have a soul inhabiting our physical body, then we can give little bits of it to others, others can take bits or we can swap bits.

People who put other people before themselves will often give bits of their soul to another and some even use the phrase “I gave my soul to you”.  This most often occurs when in a love relationship but is more likely to negatively affect the quality of the relationship as the recipient almost feels invaded or that they don’t have their own space.  However, some people just give bits of their soul to many different people, often feeling very empty as a result.

People who are needy or manipulative are more likely to take bits of another person’s soul – mainly they do not realise they are doing this, but those who have spiritual knowledge can do this consciously and deliberately.

However, it is also common for those in close relationships or family members to have bits of each other’s soul – ie they have swapped bits.

Each person’s soul is like a 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzle and all the bits should fit together perfectly.  However, bits of another jigsaw puzzle will never fit properly.

So the first step is to find out if you are missing bits of your soul, then identify the following:-

Nicola is able to guide clients to retrieve all the missing parts as well as giving back any bits of others’ soul which do not belong.  Then the soul often needs to be realigned or properly reintegrated within the body.

Nicola also teaches visualisations and positive affirmations to stop the problem happening again.

Clues as to if this has happened are the following:-

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