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We are crazy animal lovers and fully committed to animal welfare and well-being. Just now we are guardians to two gorgeous cats and supporters of various animal charities.  In the past we have made welcome and feed lovely Badgers and Foxes – with cubs – in our garden.

Animals, just like us, are sentient beings with intelligence, feelings and emotions. They also suffer and feel pain. And like us they are also energy beings connected to the universal consciousness.  Therefore, the healing modalities we offer for humans are equally applicable and effective when used on animals.

However, unlike wehumans, animals cannot give informed consent as to what treatments they are being offered. Therefore, the laws regarding veterinary treatment of animals are much stricter than they are for medical treatment of humans. Nevertheless, the Royal Veterinary Collegehas published guidance on the use of complementary medicine on animals.

It has no difficulty in what it refers to as the “laying on of hands”.  Which of course is a non-invasive energy medicine drawing on universal energies.  All the healing modalities we offer fall into that category.  However, there are caveats to what we offer.

The first is we do not diagnose or prescribe, it is irresponsible and illegal. Because an animal cannot give informed consent, we do not offer any of our healing modalities as a substitute for professional veterinary care.  If your animal is unwell or suffering, then as the Guardian we urge you in the first instance to consult a veterinary surgeon.  Yes, we know that they are expensive, but that is the way it is.

Once you have taken that step, we are more than happy to offer our complementary healing modalities as appropriate to the case(s) presented to us.  As with applying healing to humans, we make no guarantees of success, but we will do our utmost to assist your animal’s well-being and healing journey on all levels.

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