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A curse can be either verbal or ritualistic and it is very common for we, as human beings to curse ourselves or others almost naturally or habitually.  Every time we say things like “I am so stupid” or “you are so stupid” that is a form of curse, cursing ourselves or others to continue to be stupid.

However, many people feel very strong negative emotions, so then what is thought or verbalized with a strong emotion becomes a kind of curse.  In anger someone might say “I hope you lose everything” or “just f**k off and die”.

A ritualistic curse however is within the realms of black magic although magic can include other intentions as well as sabotage.

In Nicola’s more than 25 years’ experience of breaking magic, she has discovered the following types of magic: –

Any requests to break magic need to made to God, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and only spirits of 100% pure light.  And the aim of breaking the magic or cursing is for outcomes that are in the highest good of all.  No requesting is ever done to influence anyone against their free will.

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