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A love spell is known to be magic designed to draw a love interest to the person either doing the magic or having requested the magic.  This also includes bringing back an ex-partner or a straying partner.  And obviously for the intention of a romantic/sexual relationship.

However, a love spell isn’t an affirmation of attracting a type of partner as that is very general and is asking for anyone who fits the bill to be brought.  A love spell is about influencing the free will of a specific person and can cause severe mental health problems in the person who is the subject of the spell.  Love spells can cause people to have affairs, leave partners completely, behave out of character, even cause spontaneous marriages (for example in Las Vegas)

If you feel pulled to someone you don’t want to be drawn towards, then you could be the subject of a love spell – although fortunately, this can be broken.  And if your partner has cheated on you or left you, it can be investigated to see whether a love spell was a contributory factor – if so, then removing the love spells may bring the partner back or support them in behaving faithfully.  However, the focus is always on “outcomes that are for highest good”.

It is very likely that romance scammers either do magic themselves or have magic done to support them in pulling off the scams.  This magic is used to control the victims, causing them not to have normal caution with regards to money or their hearts.  This kind of magic can cause the victims to behave completely irrationally and refuse to believe that they are being scammed, pushing away family and friends who might challenge them.

Love spells can also have been done in previous lives, being dormant until you re-meet the person in your current life.  Then you can feel very drawn to that person, even if they are not a suitable or potential partner and even if you or them are already in relationships.  This could be a contributory factor for stalking and obsessions, including those who become obsessed with a particular celebrity.

Love spells or magic to control can be broken in the following circumstances:-

As long as your intention is to contribute in a way that is in highest good, then it can be done spiritually and appropriately.

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