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Many people nowadays have heard of past life regression and reincarnation but there are many aspects that are not known about and would be best understood before deciding what might be the best option.

Reincarnation is the concept believed by many religions – primarily Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism which believe that we are a soul having a human existence and come back down many, many times.  And based on how we behaved in former lives, we will have accumulated positive or negative karma (good or bad karma).  Some believe that we can only ever have human existences whereas others believe that we can also be animals as they have souls too.

Past life regression is normally where a client goes to a hypnotherapist and is guided by the therapist to go back and look at or re-experience past life memories.  This is sometimes done by being above and looking down at what happened, sometimes by going back into the event and reliving what happened and sometimes doing both.

Past life readings are where a person with a psychic gift is able to give information to a client about things that happened in one or more past lives.

A past life healing is where either of the above is done with the specific intention of healing what happened or where the healing happens spontaneously as a result of knowing what happened.

However, if the focus is on intending there is healing, it is a much more thorough process and can have much more significant results.

Nicola has taken hundreds and hundreds of clients back to thousands of lifetimes, but she has also guided Leon to look at thousands of lifetimes for clients and made sure that healing has happened in both types of scenarios.

The aspects that can be healed from past lives are the following:-

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