Both Nicola and Leon are accredited with International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Both Nicola and Leon are practitioners of Remote Spirit Release

Nicola and Leon are available:-
  • ♦ Virtually over Zoom, Skype, Teams, Meet or WhatsApp
  • ♦ In London on request – 2-4 weeks notice
  • ♦ In Derby or Nottingham on request – 1-3 weeks notice

About Nicola and Leon

Nicola and Leon have been working together since 2015.  Leon works as a medium/channeller and Nicola as the facilitator/clearer. They work together to assist clients in healing past lives and ancestral issues as well as clearing spirits and negative energies from people and places in current life. Leon is also a qualified animal communicator and he and Nicola combine their talents to heal a plethora of animals.

They both use pendulums for healing – including the very powerful Egyptian pendulums.  Nicola is a qualified hypnotherapist of 30 years and Leon is a gifted medium who trained 25 years ago. They have combined their skills and talents to provide a comprehensive repertoire of healing that makes a permanent difference in client’s lives.


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Problems Treated

Spiritual interference / negative energies in properties/land

Ghosts, evil spirits, magic and curses can all be removed from within a home, for the occupants to live and sleep peacefully. And the same can be removed from work places or land for business success or a swifter sale.

Possession or attachment of spirits – ghosts or malevolent spirits

Ghosts or more malevolent/evil spirits can be removed from within the inner etheric body or that are attached to the outer etheric body to allow the person to think their own thoughts, feel their own feelings and live their own life.

Negative thought forms / created spirits

Although there is little written about this phenomenon, other people’s thoughts can be very damaging and not only do we need them clearing from us, but we also need to have sufficient protection for the future.

Black magic, rituals and curses

Whether it is a verbal curse or a very powerful voodoo magical ritual, the prayers include breaking the wrong intention, removing the spirits involved and healing from the effects of the black magic. And the prayers also include protection against future psychic attack in the form of magic.

Jinxes/evil eye/jealousy/envy

Whether this is the energy of jealousy or envy or a specific evil eye curse, the prayers include breaking the intention and removing the curse. And whether a jinx was done deliberately or accidentally, it is included as part of the full clearance in the prayers.

Love spells and unwanted control

Whether the love spell has been done on you, causing you to have unwanted feelings or whether it has been done on a loved one, taking them from you, or attempting to, all love spells are broken within the prayers. And if a person does not feel in control of themselves, this can be the reason and needs resolving.

Bad karma – past life, ancestral or current life

If we or our ancestors have done things wrong which would have caused negative karma, then we need to apologise and clean things up. The prayers allow us a structured way of doing this, thereby reducing the karmic effects in our current life.

Lost bits of soul and unwanted cords

We need all our soul within our bodies, so soul retrieval is included within each prayer. And giving back bits of other people’s soul that we may have within our bodies. Plus all unwanted cords, including spiritual umbilical cords are cut to leave us free to be ourselves.

Physical problems due to spiritual causes

Because we are both a physical body and a soul/energy body, when a spiritual issue is there for long enough, it can affect the physical body, causing pain, discomfort and malfunction. As long as you seek medical treatment in the first instance, then it is safe to heal the physical body through a healing prayer.

Emotional problems due to spiritual causes

Uncontrollable tearfulness is often caused by the soul of a loved one – human or animal still being around us. However, ghosts and other malevolent spirits can also cause anger and many other unwanted negative emotions. When the spirits are removed through prayer, the emotions can reduce to manageable levels.

Mental problems due to spiritual causes

Although there is genuine mental illness, many symptoms can also be caused by spiritual problems. Given that psychics see spirits and hear voices, it is likely that people stating that they see or hear things actually do so. Firstly they need to be taught not to believe the voices and not to act on what is said and then healing prayers can be used to assist in the removal of the negative entities trying to trick them.

Recurring Patterns Due To Spiritual Causes

A recurring pattern could be an unconscious body movement or a tic. It could also be a compulsion to do something. However in Nicola and Leon’s experience, so many of these patterns are either to do with interfering spirits, interfering energies or behaviours linked to earlier (maybe childhood experiences) or have come from past lives or ancestors.

Free Spiritual Reading

Spiritual reading includes :-

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    Techniques available

    Absent Healing of People Including Children

    Remote spirit release using Dr. Palmer’s protocol

    Space Clearance/Energy Balancing of Properties

    Land Clearance/Earth Energy Healing

    Spirit release/Soul Rescue

    Egyptian pendulum healing

    Other Pendulum Healing

    Soul Retrieval And Integration

    Animal Communication

    Animal Healing

    Past Life Healing

    Future Life Healing

    Dowsing for health and wellbeing

    Ancestral Healing

    All the healing modalities offered by Nicola and Leon representing are complementary in nature. They are not a substitute for medical healthcare. If there is a medical problem, then please seek treatment from a medical practitioner in the first instance. Nicola and Leon through cannot make guarantees of results, although they will always endeavour to provide the highest level of service they are able to give.