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It is a type of healing that might involve spiritual energy, spiritual information or connecting with actual spirits of the Light.

  • Physical issues of the body, if there is a spiritual or energetic root cause.
  • Negative emotions can often be reduced or sometimes eliminated.
  • Healing of trauma - known or unknown about.
  • Mental wellbeing can be enhanced or improved.
  • Removal of blocks to having a great life - especially karmic blocks.
  • Breaking of curses and magic.
  • Sending of stuck souls to the Light.

Anything that can be used for good, could be used for negative reasons. However, spiritual healing is positive as the intention is to heal.  But energies sent or transmitted to others can either be beneficial or non-beneficial.  There are many, many people doing spiritual healing around the world and although most are genuine and have a positive intention, there are some who are fake or scammers.  If, when communicating with a "healer" you feel very positive and it seems like they have good energy, then trust your intuition.  But if when you communicate with a "healer", something feels off or you get a yucky feeling, then trust that this is letting you know that this person is not someone for you to allow to do healing on you.  Any "healer" who works for the Light will not be dominated by their ego, greed of money, fear or control.

  • Faith - a trust in (God, a Universal Consciousness, Source, Higher Power) and that it can and wants to support you in ways that are in highest good.
  • Gratitude - being appreciative of all you have in your life as even with challenges, life is much more likely to be easier than it has been in the past hundreds or thousands of years.
  • Respect - respecting yourself and the healer and working together as a team with assistance from the spiritual world. Also respecting boundaries of the "healer" in terms of time and contact.
  • Intentionality - making a decision that you really want to receive spiritual healing or want to contribute healing to another.
  • Any human
  • Any animal/bird
  • Plants/trees
  • Water - including streams, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans
  • Land
  • Buildings
  • Planet Earth
  • Spirits

Although many "spiritual healers" do offer to give the healing for free, they can only do so if they have another source of income.  If the "healer" is devoting their life to healing and it is their job/career, then they do need to charge for their time or service.  In the past, the "healers" in villages would be looked after by the community as a whole, so they were able to give their healing for free.  Obviously, it is very rare for that kind of scenario to exist nowadays.

No type of healing always works, just as doctors or surgeons do not always get beneficial results with their patients.  If you have an open mind and believe that the healing can work, then it is much more likely to do so.  And because spiritual healing is often very effective on animals and babies, it is definitely not working due to the placebo effect.

A Japanese Doctor - Dr. Emoto examined the crystalline structure of water under a microscope and found that water exposed to the energy of love looked very different to water exposed to the energy of hate.  And as all living beings are made up of a very high percentage of water, this could be part of the explanation as to why spiritual healing works.

Nowadays, spiritual healing is probably performed more often remotely than in person.  And if it was not effective, there would not be a multi-billion dollar industry for spiritual healing.  In Nicola and Leon's experience, the effectiveness is just as good when performed remotely as in person.

The only criteria regarding who to choose to do spiritual healing on you or for you, is that you feel a sense of trust for that person and that you can communicate in the same language.  However, they would also need to confidently answer all your questions and take the time to do so.

Some people notice results immediately, but most often results happen over time or gradually when the healing is more than a one-off session.  Expect longer term results and be pleasantly surprised if the results are much quicker.

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