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Egyptian Pendulum Healing is a powerful aspect of energy healing that originated in the Pharaonic times of Ancient Egypt.  It uses devices that look like fancy iterations of normal dowsing pendulums, but they are not.  They can be used for normal dowsing but that is not their purpose.

There are three authentic types of Egyptian Pendulum, Isis, Karnak and Osiris.  They are the original Pharaonic designs. Also, there are a number of modern-day hybrids based on those designs.


The design and use go back over 5000 years.  Images of them and their usage as healing devices can be found in the relief carvings and frescos of the temples of those times.

Actual examples were found by Archaeologists in the early twentieth century in Egyptian Tombs.   Some were taken back to mainland Europe.  French researcher, Leon Chaumery, and two physicists Antione de Belizal and Philip Morel who were pioneers of High Frequency Colour (HFC) dowsing investigated the devices and determined that they naturally utilised HFCs.

HFCs are the colour energies emitted by certain shapes, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, spheres, hemispheres and discs.  They are possibly something to do with quantum physics. And their effects are aspects of universal consciousness which resides in the quantum field.  Consciousness and the quantum field is around us, within us, and equally so for all other life forms, objects and the cosmos.

The colours emitted are the seven colours of the rainbow (which are the same as the chakra colours) and infra-red.  In addition, there are the emitted temple colours (also known to the Ancient Egyptians and re-discovered by Chaumery and his colleagues) which are Infra-white, infra black, spiritual gold, negative green and metaphysical UV.  Because HFCs are of such high frequencies they cannot be detected by the human eye. 

Via emitted HFCs an Egyptian Healing Pendulum detects energetic imbalances in a space or living organism and then corrects them. And this is something the ancient Egyptians clearly knew about.  To be effective the pendulums need to be manufactured to the proportions used by the ancient Egyptians.  Once manufactured and in their raw and unturned state they will automatically emit the infra-white beneficial HFC energy.  And in the case of the Osiris pendulum a non-beneficial energy too.

To make the pendulums fully effective (and safe) they have to be tuned to the components of the HFC spectrum.  This is achieved by tuning the pendulum to the constituent colours of sunlight and their horizontal / positive / magnetic polarisations as well as the temple colours.  In terms of the Pharaonic culture the ancient Egyptians saw this activity as being in harmony with their Sun God, Ra. 

Specifically, the Isis pendulum is tuned during daylight hours to the colours of the rainbow and infra-red and all but two of the temple colours.  The Karnak pendulum is tuned at midnight and midday to a much smaller subset of the colours.  The other pendulums mentioned below are harmonised with sub-sets of the above.

Nicola and Leon’s pendulums were tuned by them under guidance and supervision from Master Dowser Maria Wheatley of the Esoteric College.  Who in turn with her late Father – also a Master Dowser – were taught by European Master Dowsers.

In the main Leon uses the Isis and Karnak pendulums for complementary healing of humans and animals as well as space clearing. However, in specific circumstances they also use the Osiris, the Universal Pendulum, The Eye of Ra pendulum and Dr Ibrahim Karim’s IK Universal and BG3 Emitter pendulum.

The universal pendulum incorporates an Osiris device within the sphere.  The Eye of Ra pendulum is an adapted Osiris pendulum and the IK Universal and BG3 Emitter pendulum is development of the ISIS pendulum.

Universal Pendulum Eye of Ra PendulumIK Universal and BG3 Emitter pendulum.

The healing and space clearing services Nicola and Leon offer can be performed directly on-person or on-animal / on-site or remotely.  Remote healing / space clearing is performed via a witness.  A witness is normally a photograph of the person or animal.  And for space clearing a diagram of the area or property to be cleared is used.

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