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This is what can be cleared: –

Nicola and Leon work together to identify what spirits or energies are affecting your home, workplace, business premise or land and then have a number of ways of spiritually clearing them.

Most of the work, Nicola and Leon do with regards to space clearance can be done remotely, but they are willing to travel if there is a serious situation.  They use channelling, incense, Tibetan bowls, space clearance spray, pendulums, candles, smudge sticks and their combined experience of more than 30 years.

Properties also have flat or building guardians and these can be identified and communicated with to find out if they are happy or unhappy.  Many unhappy guardians can cause problems within a property and if applicable you will be given a recommendation for a gift and the name of your guardian, so that you can eliminate these problems.

“I think the house definitely feels “emptier” since you did the clearing for us.  We seriously cannot thank you enough.  Yours and your colleague Leon’s abilities to even understand and deal with this is absolutely amazing” (remote house clearance for a family)

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