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Nicola and Leon use Dr Terry Palmer’s Remote Spirit Release Protocol to help clients who experience suspected influences from attached spirits – either earthbound or other. The technique is used remotely; that is from a distance with no direct physical or other contact with the affected person. Which makes it very safe for all involved.

The protocol requires that a team of three is used. A facilitator – Nicola, a medium – Leon and a spirit guide – primarily Jason. The medium connects with the spirit guide. The facilitator then communicates with the spirit guide.

The guide is asked to connect with the client and then asked a series of structured questions about the attachments and the spiritual status and health of the client. After each question and answer, the guide then clears/resolves whatever was found, putting the client back in equilibrium.

As can be seen it is the spirit guide that does the work remotely (from a distance).  The clearing comprises the following broad areas of activity:

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