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Healing for a person/animal – £125 +

This prayer has three options:-

An example prayer I wrote for a client was to heal her son.  The son was having nightmares and was very badly constipated.  I wrote a prayer to clear the root causes of these problem and this was the feedback I received from the client:-

“My son has no more nightmares and he is pooing every day. His behavior has improved so much. He kisses and he sings whilst in the bath ‘Mummy and Daddy love me”

Another example prayer I wrote for a client was to heal her cousin.  The cousin had got pregnant, had an abortion and wasn’t coping – she was in hospital, not eating and they were very worried she was going to die.  I wrote a prayer to clear lifetimes linked with the aborted baby’s soul and sent the soul of the baby to the Light within the prayer.  The client reported that within a couple of weeks, she had started eating, recovered her health, left hospital and was starting to look for a new job.

The prayer includes the following aspects:-

The cost of this type of prayer is £125 for 8 lives and then £25 for each additional two more.

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