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Clearing past lives with family members – £125 +

As there is a belief (which I have found to be true in most cases), we choose our parents and our families.  Although, we might think that we would choose a family whom we love dearly and that we would have a pleasant childhood, this is very often not the case.  We often choose parents and family members with whom we have issues to resolve, karma to clear and lessons to learn.

Although it is likely that most of the issues are with blood related family members, especially parents, I have also found that sometimes we have had past lives with step-families, adopted families and in-laws.

My philosophy is that if relationships aren’t working, then it is worth looking at if there are past lives that might be contributing.  And if there are, then a prayer could definitely assist in improving the relationships.

With family members, there are often much more intense negative feelings that can occur, much more honest feedback about shortcomings and often issues over money, houses, land and inheritance.

When this type of prayer clears the issues, out of the blue contact sometimes occurs and people start speaking again after months/years of being estranged.  However, there is no guarantee and sometimes, you need to realise that even if you heal the past lives, if the other person is on their wrong path in life or has no desire to have an improving relationship, then the prayer might not be enough on its own to resolve the relationship.  However, at least you can sleep at night, knowing that you have done your best to resolve things.

The cost of this type of prayer is £125 for 8 lives and then £25 for each additional two more.

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